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Dry Ice Cleaning / Blasting

Dry ice cleaning / blasting is an efficient and safe method of cleaning a wide range of surfaces. It is a non-abrasive process that removes dirt, grease, and other contaminants from a surface by using CO2 pellets. This method is ideal for delicate surfaces because it does not harm them. It is quick, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Dry ice cleaning / blasting is an excellent service option for businesses looking to provide a safe and effective cleaning service.

Dry ice cleaning / blasting is an alternative to traditional cleaning methods. Dry ice blasting is a simple, nonabrasive cleaning method that employs CO2 pellets as an impact medium to remove surface contaminants without the use of chemicals, abrasives, high temperatures, or steam. After blasting, the solid pellets sublime immediately after impact on the surface, leaving no solid residue. The method can be used to clean surfaces, remove paint, or remove contaminants from a surface. Dry ice blasting, unlike other blast cleaning processes, does not accumulate contaminants in the waste stream, significantly reducing the amount of secondary waste for disposal.

Dry ice blasting is used for a variety of purposes, including precision cleaning of semiconductor wafers and delicate items such as books and antiques, removal of contaminants on a variety of substrates, decontamination of nuclear materials, cleaning of food and beverage processing equipment, mould spore removal, conservation of historical artefacts, and cryomilling of poorly soluble drugs.