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Pigging, Purging & Chemical Cleaning

Pigging, purging, and chemical cleaning are services that help companies maintain their pipelines. Pigging involves using a cleaning device, known as a pig, to scrape the inside of pipelines and remove debris. Purging is the process of using gas to flush out contaminants and oxygen. Chemical cleaning involves using a chemical solution to remove dirt, corrosion, and other materials from pipeline walls. All of these services contribute to the efficient and reliable procedure of pipelines, allowing businesses to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Pipeline cleaning is an essential component of pipeline maintenance programmes. Any build-up of debris or deposits inside a pipeline will reduce product transmission and compromise the asset's integrity over time. CCD specialises in the design and implementation of customised pipeline cleaning programmes based on the specific pipeline configurations and conditions of each client.

Chemical pipeline cleaning involves the use of liquid and gas chemical compounds to dissolve and dislodge deposits and build-up from the pipe wall before they are flushed out by water or mechanical cleaning PIGs.

Nitrogen purging is the removal of all gases by pumping a constant flow of nitrogen into the pipe and out of a waste valve.