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Process Piping / Tubing
Specialty gases place particular demands on fluid transfer components due to individual purity, toxicity and corrosive properties. The quality of your gas supply is no better than your gas distribution system. CCD TSPL offers variety solutions for gas distribution system depending upon the property of the medium & the surrounding environment with central gas supply panels and point of use equipment to maintain system integrity and purity at all times.

The choice of materials for gas supply systems is determined by the gas to be distributed and the level of contamination that can be accepted in the gas. The inner surface finish of a system’s components is therefore of great importance to the final purity of the gas at the point of use. A better surface finish will also make the pipe system easier to clean and reduces the risk of particles being released into the gas stream.

In recent years stainless steel has become the number one choice of material for pure gas applications, because it is resistant to corrosion, as well as being consistent with the high standards of cleanliness & appearance in modern laboratories.

A quality supply system requires experience and expertise to design and install. CCD TSPL can design and install these systems in accordance with your requirements & the related industrial standards followed throughout the world.

With the knowledge from our various partners around the globe, we ensure your gas distribution system meets demand requirements, as well as any local or regional safety requirements.

Offering services and hardware as well as comprehensive engineering solutions, CCD TSPL is a specialty gases all-rounder and, at the same time, an experienced specialist for your individual tasks. That’s why, across a broad range of areas as diverse as R&D labs, semiconductor, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical, chemistry, petro chemistry, metallurgy, vehicle construction or environmental protection, space research, nuclear tubing, defence research applications, as well as for universities and research institutes, CCD TSPL is the company to go to when you need to build and run a modern specialty gas supply system.

In a central gas supply system, the gas cylinders are collected at one location, usually in a separate room or building. This not only facilitates the delivery, exchange and removal of the cylinders, it also reduces the risk of accidents, as there is no need to handle the cylinders within working areas. In order to minimise the hazard potential and facilitate operations, only low-pressure equipment and small gas quantities are present at the work stations. The outlets positioned at every work station are safe, convenient and easy to use.
To lower costs for gas, cylinder rentals and transport charges, a continuous gas supply system should be used. This means less wasted time and fewer interruptions when changing the cylinders. Having larger and fewer gas cylinders which supply all users together also lead to a more effective emptying of the cylinders. In addition, storage monitoring and purchasing can be centralised and rationalised. And with the gas cylinders out of the way, the working areas can be designed more appropriately and ergonomically

For stainless-steel piping systems, we use automatic, computer controlled orbital welding equipment. This is in order to produce a tight gas system that can maintain demanding purity requirements. An orbital welded system has a smooth surface and lacks the “pockets” that collect impurities and particles in a closed loop system. The expected life time of a welded system also exceeds other welding methodology. An orbital welded system is your insurance to guarantee that the integrity of the specialty gas in your system is not modified.

Pressure testing is carried out according to applicable standards of a particular industry. The complete system is Pressurised and analysed to determine the pressure loss & the range of leak tightness of the complete system is measured with the help of helium leak detector either by sniffing or vacuum methods. A complete system, however, does not only contain tubing and components, it also consists of various engineered safety features. For instance flammable gas such as hydrogen requires flash back arrestors and excess flow check valves. Most systems are also equipped with safety and check valves. Some installations also require alarms combined with computerised surveillance systems.
  • R&D Laboratories

    • Central Gas Distribution System design process could make a big difference in both safety and commercial aspect of a new or existing Facility.

      Safe, reliable gas and chemical installations are vital when building new laboratories or factories or remodeling your current facilities. One wrong move could be costly. Gas safety, purity requirements, maximum flow needs, futuristic designs, lab expansions, supply mode delivery, changeover’s and lab aesthetics are all important. That’s why we give importance and work along with architectural, consulatants and engineering firms early in laboratory design and construction phases.

      Typically CCDTSPL Design the entire building, from drafting the specification of the equipments & Design the system that will be installed before any part of the laboratory is built. “Safety is First when designing such a paramount and is the first variable that we look at when designing a system,” In addition, the purity of the gas must be maintained from the source point to the use point. Everything in between the tubing, the connections, regulators, changeover manifolds, purification systems, point-of-use equipment, must be “designed and connected appropriately”. Also one must assess that there are no material compatibility issues. In short, the gas should remain the same from the source to the actual applications or the user point.
  • Semiconductor & Photovoltaic

    • When it comes to Ultra High Purity gas distribution systems, the demands of the semiconductor industry are ever changing. CCDTSPL design’s & install’s safe and efficient “High purity specialty Gas Process Piping” systems that meets the customer requirement. These applications often require specialty gases and gas mixtures where contamination is absolutely vital.

      Ultra-High Purity and Specialty Gas distribution systems for the semiconductor and Photovoltaic industries are among our specialties. The High Purity with lowest leak rates is achieved through our ASME certified welders and by advanced Micro Processor controlled Orbital welding machines. Having excellent experience our Engineering team selects appropriate product for High Purity, Toxic and Corrosive gas applications.
  • OEM’s & Manufacturing

    • OEM & Manufacturing Industries like Medical, Semiconductor, Manufacturers of Customised Equipment manufacturers have always been an asset for CCDTSPL. Our expertise installation team works closely with customer’s design department and offers cost effective, reliable, aesthetic and quality installation with limited space.

      At CCDTSPL In-house 4000Sqft facility equipped with latest State of the Orbital welding machines, Tube / Pipe Bending Machines, Swaging Machines and equipped with latest Tools and Tackles for assembling customized components like:

      • Customised Pressure Control & Flow Control Equipments
      • Tube/ Pipe Orbital welding Joints
      • Specialised Tube Bending.
  • Pharmaceutical / Food / Beverages

    • Pharmaceutical
      Pharmaceutical & Bio pharma Industries uses different types of gases and systems in the creation of their life saving drugs. Most gases used in labs are for powering tools, storing drug components and preserving testing samples, while other gases are used to create a sterile environment and manipulate drug components.

      The FDA monitors all piping system carrying gas that will directly interact with drug materials ingested by patients. For piping that does not carry gas that will directly interact with drug materials, sanitary grade cleaning is required. This ensures that no extraneous particulate matter or impurities are introduced to the lab environment.

      CO2 and Nitrogen in food packaging has been used extensively over years. The Food manufacturer uses these gases for preserving and retaining the aroma in the foods stored at low temperatures.

      CCDTSPL has been supplying low cost, high quality food processing equipment for years and understands the specialized needs required when handling foods. We take extra precautions to ensure that our equipment is as pure and clean as required by the FDA.
  • Oil & Gas / Energy

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  • Space & Defence Research

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  • Automotive

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  • Health Care

    • CCDTSPL is well aware of importance & criticality of medical Gas Distribution Systems. Our Expertise team offers Design, Engineering, Erection & Commissioning support in gas Distribution Systems for health care industries. By understanding the services & purity, we ensure required uninterrupted flow and pressure of gas to all Medical applications.

      Applications: Gas Distributions Systems for Respiratory, Life support systems and Laser surgery etc…
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