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Cryogenic Service Solenoid Valves
Valcor Engineering Corporation, one of the largest producers of cryogenic solenoid valves for the aerospace industry, presents our line of commercial cryogenic solenoid valves for your industrial application. Valcor’s cryogenic solenoid line is broken up into two distinctive designs. Our SV91 series employs Valcor patented shear seal design which is a gate type design allowing optimal flow rate through the valve with minimal turbulence. This design offers tremendous advantage in size and power consumption for such applications as high volume cryogenic transfer, thermal chambers, and bleed valve. Our second product group is our SV95 and SV97 series. These are poppet style valves used for high cycle application. These valves employ Valcor proprietary constant load Teflon or PFA seal disk that insures bubble tight shut off.

Valcor offers the following features in our Cryogenic line :
Business Process Consulting Suitable for liquid CO2, liquid methane, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen, and liquid Helium.
Business Process Consulting Normally open and normally closed models available.
Business Process Consulting Fluid temperature range from –450°F to 400°F (model dependant).
Business Process Consulting All Stainless Steel welded construction.
Business Process Consulting SV91 high flow/high pressure venturi models available- consult factory for details.
Business Process Consulting Customized solutions are our specialty
Product Overview
Normally Closed Valves Normally Open Valves
Business Process Consulting SV91 Series
Business Process Consulting SV95 Series
Business Process Consulting SV97 Series
Business Process Consulting SV91 Series
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