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Values & Policies
We at CCD TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd. are committed to provide “Turnkey solutions” for various sectors in the field of “Fluid Transfer Systems” according to customer requirements and applicable standards. We believe that this can be achieved by continual improvement of our quality management system through consistent attainment of our quality objectives and regulatory requirements. This commitment is shared by all our employees and is an integral part of the fundamental value system of our company.
Safety Policy
The management of CCD TSPL, duly recognizing its responsibility towards its employees and other personnel working at its sites, is committed to.
Business Process Consulting Ensure that all employees/personnel have a safe and healthy place to work and that the surrounding environment shall not be adversely affected by work activities.
Business Process Consulting Continual improvement in prevention of accidents, particularly those involving personal health or injury, through improvisation in process, where permissible, to avoid hardship & suffering.
Business Process Consulting Promote and maintain safety in the operation and maintain at all work sites. It is emphasized to provide facilities in the safe keeping, including transportation, of all substances, right from design and construction stage towards safety.
Business Process Consulting Inclusive in all employees a sense of personal responsibility in preventing injury to themselves, their fellow workers and the public in general and to report to their immediate supervisor any hazard which they themselves cannot eliminate.
Business Process Consulting Comply with all statutory, regulatory & other applicable requirements related to occupational Health & Safety.
Quality Policy
CCD TSPL is committed for providing customers with best in class products and services that satisfy their requirements. The two main objectives of CCD’s quality policy are customer satisfaction and a commitment to continual process improvement. These objectives drive CCD’s growth and profitability.
Customer Satisfaction
Business Process Consulting Providing value through optimized product cost/performance, rapid responsive ability and customer support.
Business Process Consulting Enabling customer success by providing business solutions that genuinely meet customer needs.
Commitment to Continual Process Improvement
Business Process Consulting Establishing and maintaining reliable methods, processes and relevant performance metrics, and measuring performance against set objectives.
Business Process Consulting Providing adequate tools, procedures, time and training so that employees can do it right the first time, every time.
Visionary Statement
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